• Janna Senyk

    Hello Sylvie, Just wanted to write a little note to say thank you so much for all of your help with my recent endeavor. At one point in my early adulthood, running a 10k race seemed insurmountable, as did completing an Olympic Distance Triathlon.  As I reflect on my recent accomplishment i

  • Kim Robinson: NRG Florida Camp

    Hi Nigel, Fiona, Sylvie and Brandon, Halley and I are now back after spending a few follow-on days after the camp at a golf resort.  It was difficult not to play golf but the reality is, we were having too much fun swimming, riding and running.  It was in large part because of the fun

  • Diana Gerritsen

    My athletic journey with NRGPT started back in 2010 when I began working with Sylvie at the start of the triathlon season.  There was ~3 months to Ironman Canada, yet Sylvie didn’t skip a beat and helped me reach my best IM time up to that point.  Since then she has helped me to achi

  • Ali Davies

    NRG and Fiona Whitby – where do I begin, and once I do how will I stop?  True to my personality, the first triathlon I signed up for was an Ironman.  Humble enough to know I needed a coach, but too arrogant to listen …. That first year, Fiona had her work cut out for her! 

  • Jeff David

    Sylvie has been my coach for over a year. With her expert guidance and direction I completed my first ever Ironman Triathlon with great results. The decision to work with a coach is a big one and the decision to work with Sylvie is one of the best decisions I could’ve made as I began this

  • Eleanor Reznek

    My first sprint triathlon was in 2012, three weeks after watching my son Will competing in hisfirst sprint triathlon. I had felt uncomfortable as a spectator and decided that I could do it too. Ata whim I then entered the Muskoka 70.3 for the following year. I had 10 months to prepare. Mycycling exp

  • Lorne Sokol

    I was told to be brief.  Take a type A personality who loves to exercise and give him/her a structured, demanding but obtainable program to follow and there is no way to contain your excitement.  My hard workouts got a lot harder and recovery weeks became a necessity.  The online work

  • Leslie Sanderson

    I have been coached by Ryan Cain of NRGPT for two years. I joined Ryan after several years of disappointing results due to injuries and a little  bad luck. Ryan's program promoted balance, consistency and recovery, and incorporated strength and mobility work. This formula worked well and for th

  • Jason Brazeau

    I started working with Ryan two years ago.  I found Ryan to be prompt and professional, and created a program for me that fit into my busy lifestyle.  This was the service he promised to provide and he has consistently excelled at delivering it.  The workouts Ryan prescribes are alway

  • Paul Thorne

    NRG coaching helped me achieve results I never expected. As a midlife newbie to trisport with only one year of racing experience, I was seeking structure and feedback to make the most of the limited training time available to me in balancing family, career and fitness...what I got was so much m

  • Janette Spring

    I went from a runner, new to triathlons, to a 3 time Ironman, this only happened with the expert training I recieved from JJ, he was able to keep me injury free and moving in the right direction.During many of my races, it was great to have NRG coaches offering support and cheering me on.While at th

  • Tim Lychy

    Hello NigelI wanted to say THANK YOU. The past year with you has been amazing. The attention to my program and genuine commitment to my success shows in everything that you do. I am as excited as a little kid being able to work out with you and your NRG team. The team are not only amazing athletes b

  • Alethea Grigg

    Since joining NRG and coach JJ. Neely a few years ago, my experience with them has been nothing but the best.  As a busy business person with little time to waste, JJ. always gets me to the start line ready for the challenge. Along with the professionalism of the organization, the efficien

  • Danny Jackson Mont Tremblant Training Camp

    Good afternoon NRG Coaching Team,I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for an amazing training camp in Mt. Tremblant. I was very apprehensive about the Tremblant course prior to my arrival, however feel much better prepared to tackle the Ironman course after this weekend. This was my fi

  • Gerard Vroomen

    12 months ago I signed up for Ironman Canada, but due to our involvement with Team CSC I never got to properly start my training. The endless trips to Europe and general workload kept me away from the pool, off my bike and out of my running shoes until early July. At that point I had to make a decis

  • Tim Rowley

    I recently completed my first Ironman (Ironman Canada, Penticton, August 2006) based on a 10 month training plan designed by Nigel Gray. The plan was clear and the results were great -- much better than my expectation or even my wildest dreams. I learned that triathlon success rests on being fit, sm