Jeff David

Sylvie has been my coach for over a year. With her expert guidance and direction I completed my first ever Ironman Triathlon with great results. 

The decision to work with a coach is a big one and the decision to work with Sylvie is one of the best decisions I could’ve made as I began this journey. Sylvie’s breadth and depth of experience proved invaluable in guiding me through all three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running in addition to working with me on ensuring my nutrition plan was dialled in. More importantly Sylvie’s support and insight into the mental side of Triathlon was, and continues to be excellent. This, combined with her coaching, has been the difference maker in helping me to achieve my goals.

Sylvie both challenges me and supports me at the same time. She has taken the initiative to get to know me, and has built a program specific to my strengths, weaknesses and available training time. She is realistic when it comes to life outside of triathlon and makes ongoing adjustments to the plan as life happens. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with Sylvie and would recommend her without reservation.