Kim Robinson: NRG Florida Camp

Hi Nigel, Fiona, Sylvie and Brandon,


Halley and I are now back after spending a few follow-on days after the camp at a golf resort.  It was difficult not to play golf but the reality is, we were having too much fun swimming, riding and running.  It was in large part because of the fun and fitness we achieved while at your camp!


We wanted to say thank you for an exceptional week in Clermont.  The group rides were excellent and on some of the most exceptional roads we have ever ridden.  Who would have thought Florida had such extensive hills, quiet roads and hidden gems like the abandon rail line paved for 50 miles?  Rarely do I ride in a peloton but I really appreciated the opportunity to learn and practice how to do it and totally respect Nigel and Brandon's effort to pull us lesser beings along for all the rides.  Silvie and Fiona's guidance along whatever pursuit we were undertaking was very helpful given their knowledge.


It is obvious your 20+ years of running camps in Clermont pays dividends for your attendees.  You have running the camp down to a fine art.  Not only were the swim, bike, run activities fabulous daily experiences but the great food, evening talks and camaraderie made the week all that more special.  As an almost 90 year old, I can tell you it was great to be pushed to get to the next level!  :-) 


Thank you to the four of you as we all know it takes a team to make the week perfect and that it was.


Kind personal regards to you all!


Kim and Halley.