Jason Brazeau

I started working with Ryan two years ago.  I found Ryan to be prompt and professional, and created a program for me that fit into my busy lifestyle.  This was the service he promised to provide and he has consistently excelled at delivering it.  The workouts Ryan prescribes are always specifically structured but varied to hold my interest.  The programs he builds are not repetitive, but they are logical and results-oriented.  I find it common to look at a training block and understand immediately what we are trying to accomplish; why and how we are preparing for race day with the progression.  In these aspects, he met my expectations.


What I hadn’t been expecting was how hard Ryan would push; never demanding, but always encouraging.  The workouts he assigned often exceeded what I thought possible.  At times they tested the boundaries of my abilities but he seemed to know those limits.  Ryan forced me to contemplate goals I had never before considered.  He has a way of understanding when to challenge, when to boost, when I need a break and when I simply need a kick in the pants.  Simply put, after two years I am a better, more confident runner than when we began.


But what sets Ryan apart is that he cares about his athletes.  He  provides individual attention.  Ryan knows what my splits are DURING my race, not afterward.  He asks simple questions like “How are you feeling right now?” because he knows that quantitative data is important, but understanding his athlete is equally so.  He takes time to talk through goals and progress – when things are going well and when things aren’t going well.  These things matter.  It matters when I’m training hard or hurting in a race that I have a coach who is invested in my success.  I would commend Ryan’s skill as a coach to anyone interested in taking their experience to the next level.