Lorne Sokol

I was told to be brief.  Take a type A personality who loves to exercise and give him/her a structured, demanding but obtainable program to follow and there is no way to contain your excitement.  My hard workouts got a lot harder and recovery weeks became a necessity.  The online workouts were easy to follow, upload my Garmin files into, post comments and then receive timely, individualized critiquing.  Still I'm benefiting from the Florida camp I attended.    In the middle of winter we were living SBR 24/7.  Delicious meals provided opportunities to learn about nutrition and relentlessly quiz the coaches.  Clearly the  entire NRG staff loves the entire Triathlon experience from racing, teaching, demonstrating and cheerleading.  Race plans were carefully prepared for each event along with incredibly detailed guidance and assistance for problems that might arise.      Over the past six years, NRG, all its coaches, support, encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in allowing me to continue to love and have great fun training and racing around a busy work and family schedule.