Ali Davies

NRG and Fiona Whitby – where do I begin, and once I do how will I stop? 

True to my personality, the first triathlon I signed up for was an Ironman.  Humble enough to know I needed a coach, but too arrogant to listen …. That first year, Fiona had her work cut out for her!  I crossed the finish line with a huge smile, excited to do another Ironman but resigned to the fact that it may have been the best I could do.  I finished in 12:07.  That was 2010.

In 2015 I completed my 10th Ironman. Since that first race, I have finished 4 under 11 hours, qualified for Hawaii 2x, and loved every minute of the journey with Fiona by my side. I have experienced results I never thought possible and more importantly learned what it means to trust a coach 100%.

The relationship between Fiona and I has the perfect blend of training intensity and pure fun.  As long as I race Ironman, as long as I have a coach, that coach will be Fiona and my club will be NRG.