Tim Rowley

I recently completed my first Ironman (Ironman Canada, Penticton, August 2006) based on a 10 month training plan designed by Nigel Gray. The plan was clear and the results were great -- much better than my expectation or even my wildest dreams. I learned that triathlon success rests on being fit, smart and tough; and I learned that a good training plan can take you a long way toward these three attributes.

Fit. Flexibility is a key to building fitness in a balanced way. The easiest way to burn-out, I think, is to try to match one’s life to a structured training plan rather than the other way around. So, what I liked most about Nigel’s plan is that he customized it for me and continually adjusted it as my schedule changed. Despite having a crazy and uncertain schedule, I got to the start line with great fitness.

Smart. The training process requires an understanding of workout intensity, recovery, nutrition and racing. One can gain this knowledge through trial and error, however, this process can take years. My training plan had NRG PT’s knowledge and years of experience built into it. This process helped avoid injury, build fitness efficiently and enjoy races.

Toughness. A good training plan can’t directly increase toughness. However, the group of NRG PT athletes and coaches creates a community of on encouragement and motivation. During Ironman Canada, I clapped and cheered for all the other NRGPT participants and I received the same in return, which provided the extra motivation to test and reach.

So, the NRG PT training plan was a great experience for me: I would not have enjoyed the process as much or achieved the same results using a standard training manual.

Cheers, Tim Rowley