Diana Gerritsen

My athletic journey with NRGPT started back in 2010 when I began working with Sylvie at the start of the triathlon season.  There was ~3 months to Ironman Canada, yet Sylvie didn’t skip a beat and helped me reach my best IM time up to that point.  Since then she has helped me to achieve further personal bests in my various race experiences and has also coached me through injury set backs along the way. 

Sylvie is a caring yet tough coach who sets out personalized workouts to help you achieve your athletic goals and she holds you accountable to them.  She provides detailed oriented feedback and advice on workouts and races to help you gain the strength and fitness needed to help you succeed.  Her advice around training, nutrition, equipment, recovery, etc…is up to date and highly detailed to help you learn a holistic approach to your specific training.  You can tell how much she cares in helping people to succeed by the amount of time she dedicates to you.   Sylvie is responsive, dedicated and adapts to your current life context to meet your best interests. 

Keeping this short and sweet is challenging, as Sylvie has been an instrumental individual in my triathlon career and life since I began to work with her.  I have nothing but huge gratitude and respect for her. 

Merci Sylvie!