The EverestMan Triathlon

Most of you wont have heard of this and that's because it didn't exist until NRG athlete Mayank Vaid dreamt it up! has been an event now for a number of years, it involves picking a hill and going up and down it (bike or run) until you have climbed the height of Mt Everest (8,848m). Mayank got interested in this this spring and had picked a hill close to his house in Hong Kong to make his attempt on. His first attempt in early April was stopped at 7000m after unending rain maybe staying on his bike too dangerous. This didn't deter Mayank as he knew he could do it. But he started to think he wanted to up the challenge so he decided to turn his next attempt into an Everest Triathlon, a 9km swim followed by and Everesting on both the bike and the run!!!

Here are the details of his event and congrats Mayank on a worlds first, you will have inspired a bunch of other crazy athletes to give this a shot now!

Easter weekend was a success! I managed to swim bike and run as I had planned

Thursday April 9th SWIM
3:27:54 - 9200m -

Thursday-Friday April 9-10
BIKE - 8947m / 265.56km

You see three files here because (1) my watch needed charging; and (2) last lap was to make sure we had the full elevation.

11:13:44 - 4517m / 133.85km -
9:35:05 - 4315 / 128.47-
00:12:48 - 115m / 3.24km -

Saturday - Sunday April 11-12
RUN 9060 mtrs / 122.57km

15:50:00 - 71.55 km 5,125 m -
1:34:23 - 4.63 km 278 m -
13:38:13 - 46.39 km 3,657 m -