Thanks Mum

It’s been a tough few months as our Mum has been a significant part of Fiona’s and my lives since day one and has always been actively involved in what we do. Traveling the world to watch us race and tag along at a number of our training camps has had her very connected to what we do. Many of you have met her over the years at different events as well. Our mum was never athletic in a performance sense but she was always active, even as she battled Ovarian Cancer she would be out walking and tracking her steps and KM’s on her phone app. We have always been active as a family as well, from camping, hiking, sailing and traveling from as soon as I can remember. Fiona and I took it a step farther of course as neither of our parents where really endurance athletes, but that foundation of being active and outside has been a cornerstone of our lives since birth. And we learned from our parents the meaning of hard work and commitment that has allowed us to achieve all that we have today and for that I am eternally grateful.

I have always felt that quality of life and what you do in life is more important that quantity, our mum was very lucky in that she had both. I try to lead my life making the most of the opportunities that I have been given and will continue to do so in honour of our Mum and Dad.

Everyone grieves differently, for me the need to get outside and push myself is what helps to get me through times like this. 5hours in the saddle riding trails, roads, gravel and everything in between on a beautiful spring day is exactly what I needed today, thanks boys.

We love you and we will miss you Mum.