NRG 2021 Mileage Challenge!

To help get everyone rolling for 2021 we thought it would be fun to start the year with a mileage challenge. The idea is to keep everyone motivated over the winter to get ready for the 2021 summer race season!!

This is how it will work:

  • Goal: 2021km or 2021 miles (so 3252km, we will count km not miles though), this is your choice and you don’t have to say which one when you start
  • Start Date: Jan 1 2021
  • End Date: April 30 2021
  • 17 weeks in total, so you will need to average 119km or 192km/week to reach the goal!
  • All swim/bike/run/walk/XC ski km’s will count
  • Indoor and outdoor training both counts
  • You will need to log all your workouts into Training Peaks so that we get an accurate total for you at the end of each week. We will then use these numbers to update the mileage competition. We will update 1 week after so you have a week to make sure you have updated all your TP details. We will then post the updates each week on our website so you can see where you’re at.
  • We will have some prizes at the end for everyone that reaches 2021+km!
  • You will need to sign up by letting your coach know that you would like to take part


Any questions please contact Nigel?