Level II athletes will be coached by one of our NRG PT Associates Coach's Fiona Whitby, Sylvie Dansereau, JJ Neely or Ryan Cain

The Level II program includes the following:

  • GOAL SETTING: Work out achievable short and long terms goals in order to keep you focused and motivated while allowing us to set out an appropriate training plan.
  • TRAINING SCHEDULE: Workouts are provided in 4 week blocks with a detailed description of the workout, including duration, intensity (heart rate) and purpose.
  • COMMUNICATION: Athlete initiated 1 phone call and 2 emails /week with your coach (8 am-8pm EST time) as well as 2 revisions of your training program (if necessary).
  • ONLINE TRAINING DIARY: You will have access to the NRG online training diary where your workouts will be posted on your own web page and you will be able to enter the details of your workout for analysis by your coach.
  • DATA ANALYSIS: If you have downloadable equipment, your coach will provide analysis, review and feedback of your data tools (power, heart rate, pace).
  • RACE PLAN & ANALYSIS: A pre-race discussion detailing racing strategy, including goals, pacing, nutrition and mental focus and a post race analysis of how your race went
  • REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: A power meter and GPS watch is preferred
  • PRODUCT DISCOUNTS: NRG athletes have access to discounts on a wide range of recommended products from Enduro Sport


$225CDN/month + HST


30 Days notice must be given