Brandon's IMMI Race Report

Brandon Whitby’s

2019 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

Planning and Lead up

Fiona and I have been racing Ironman’s for a long time and have raced all over the world in some very cool destinations. Ironman Wisconsin, for many years was on my “to do” list as I’d heard about the course and liked the time of year. The issue was that much of my racing focus was to race well enough to qualify for Kona. This meant that it never worked out. I’d typically be trying to qualify for the current year (Wisconsin is one of the first to award slots for the following year) or I was already qualified, and Wisconsin was too close to race then recover for Kona. Last fall, Fiona and I knew that we would not be trying to race Hawaii in 2019 as we had already started to rebuild our house and life just would not permit proper training and racing early season to even attempt it.