Associate Coach Dr. Sylvie Dansereau

Dr. Sylvie Dansereau

Doctor of veterinary medicine, University of Guelph

B. SC. Honors McGill University

Triathlon coach  (NCCP adult community and competition introduction)

Over 10 years full time coaching experience

Extensive experience coaching athletes of all levels- from beginners to multiple IM world championship qualifiers including the coveted Kona podium and multiple short course world championship qualifiers

Coach for Donalda triathlon club

Created training programs for the Toronto Triathlon Club (TTC)

Extensive experience running numerous camps, clinics, presentations and one on one sessions covering all aspects of triathlon training and racing


Former long course professional triathlete

Multiple top 10 finishes including sub 10 hr IM finishes and 4th place overall IM finish

3 IM Ironman Hawaii World Championship qualifications including two in the professional athlete division and podium finish in amateur division

Multiple age group wins in triathlon (all distances) and running races

2005 Canadian Long Course age group athlete of the year

2005 OAT Long Course age group athlete of the year

2003 OAT short course age group athlete of the year

2003 Inside Triathlon’s ‘All American Triathlete’, age grouper

Age group National Team member 2003, 2004

Extensive experience rowing at the national and international level

As an endurance coach I aim to combine my personal experience in endurance training and racing at an elite level with my keen interest and knowledge of sound scientific principles to help my athletes optimize their own performance and race to their peak potential. Whilst appreciating the importance of applying a sound scientific approach to the planning and execution of a well balanced program, I also try to educate and share with my athletes the more subtle art of developing a good understanding and feel for their training and racing, and in the process help them become better and smarter all around athletes.

While it is true that sound scientific principles must apply to all, everyone is different and this uniqueness means that plans need to be based on the individuals and their context. Athletes cannot separate their training from the rest of their life and time constraints and, as a result, a good training plan must be challenging yet flexible in order to reflect and adapt to the athlete’s always evolving real life context. This healthy balance is best achieved by getting to know my clients well and helping them understand themselves better as athletes.

As an athlete if I ever fell short of my goals, rather than thinking of this as a failure I always saw this as an opportunity to learn from the experience and as a challenge get better. It is this approach I try to share with my athletes to help them continually progress on this everlasting road of self-improvement and fulfillment.