2024 NRG Gear Order

2024 NRG Gear Order
We are putting in our 2024 NRG gear order. We are working with Castelli again this year for our Tri gear but with a new design. We are also offering our NRG Gravel kit, which is from Sportful. The Gravel Kit offers an additional 3 pockets on the jersey (6 in total) and another 3 pockets on the bib shorts as well.
You will be able to place your orders  and pay online directly through Castelli and Sportful (details below). The orders can also be shipped directly to you (for ~$18) depending on where you live
NOTE: There are both blue and pink options for both Women in some designs, make sure you order the right ones
We are offering a Gabba jersey option this year. The Gabba is Castelli's signature wet/cold weather jersey, its water resistant and insulated so its an extra warm jersey option.
 Orders are due by Friday Jan 5 after this the store will close and the order will be complete
Delivery is expected by Mid March

NRG Tri Store

NRG Gravel Store

Please contact Nigel with any questions






New NRG Gabba Jersey/Jacket