NRG Group Ride, Sat May 27, 2017

On Saturday May 27th, we are going to have our annual NRG group ride from Lake Wilcox. This is just a chance for everyone to get to meet some of the other athletes on the team and to catch up with those you haven’t seen in a while, as well as possibly finding some riding partners for the summer.

We will have some great Power Bar product out on the ride and we will also have our NRG Team gear for sale for anyone interested in, please arrive a little early if you are interested in picking up some gear

Please remember to print off and bring a signed waiver  (if you have joined Triathlon Ontario then you don't need to sign a waiver)


The plan is to meet at the Oak Ridges Community Centre at the North end of the parking lot, there will be an optional swim to start the day if the water is warm enough. If you would like to swim then please meet in the parking lot ready to swim for 7am, you can swim as long as you like, the lake is 1km to the otherside (2km there and back) but you can turn when you want.

For the ride please aim to be in the parking lot for no later than 8am, we will then have a little bike handling/ group riding coaching session as well as the opportunity to buy our new 2017 NRG gear. The ride will roll out at approximately 8:30-45am. We have 3 different ride distances (50km, 85km, 120km) and we will start with 2 different speed groups as well, so you will start with those of a similar speed no matter what distance you plan on riding there is also a run off the bike. The NRG coaching staff will all be on hand to answer questions and be out riding with the various groups.

Group Ride Maps, you can print off the maps and directions from the MAP link or export a GPS file for a Garmin from the ride with gps link :

50KM:     MAP   GPS:

85KM:     MAP   GPS: there will be the group aid station at 45km and also a store option at 65km

120km:   MAP   GPS: the group aid station will be at 45km, there will also be store options at 64km and 100km

We will also have some Powerbar product giveaways on the day as well!

All NRG athletes and guests are welcome to attend, please rsvp to Nigel and everyone will need to download the waiver form (unless you are a Triathlon Ontario Member) and fill it out and sign it. If you can print off a copy of the directions of the loop you are planning on riding that would be great, the coaches will be out on the road with you but its just not possible for one of us to be at every corner for every loop

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The NRG Coaching Staff