2019 NRG Gear Order

2019 NRG Gear Order
We are putting in our 2019 Gear order next week for those looking for some team gear for 2019. Delivery is expected by Mid May

Order forms are avaible here

Please contact Nigel with any questions

Castelli sizing chart is here   
Prices and pictures are below and pieces are tax included (shipping is extra)
**New** Castelli All Out Speed Suit womens and mens = $240
Castelli Team Jersey Womens = $100                                                           Mens Team Jersey ($100), Aero Jeresy ($150)
Castelli Unisex light Blue Jersey = $100                                                    Castelli Bib Shorts  = $130
Castelli Womens Free Tri Top = $115                                            Castelli Women's Free Tri short = $130 (note the shorts are navy blue not black)

Thermal winter Jacket (unisex) = $210                   Windstopper Vest  (Navy Blue, it looks black here but its blue) with 3 pockets = $120

Long Sleeve jersey (unisex) = $120


Thermal toque = $25                                               Full Fingered Gloves = $35

NRG Clothing Descriptions:

Team Bike Jersey (M&W): this is a short sleeved and full zip training top for the bike with 3 pockets in the back that can also be used on long course race days if you want more pockets

NEW:  Long Sleeve Bike Jersey (Unisex): A long sleeve jersey for cooler days and race mornings, it is unisex and is navy blue with white logo

Team Bib Shorts (M&W): these are for training days on the bike and have straps over the shoulders to hold your shorts in place so they don’t slip down (or let a gap show between your shorts and top!). They come with a more padded chamois for comfort for training, but can be used in longer races if you want added comfort (but a slower transition) and are ok to change.

Aero Bike Jersey (Men’s): this is a tighter fitting jersey with 3 pockets in the back and a full zipper. This is a training piece but can also be used for racing with its tighter fit and good if you want more pockets. This this is the jersey Team Sky race in.

Thermal Jacket unisex: this is a warmer jacket used for biking and running spring/fall/winter, also good for race mornings that are cool. It’s a snugger fit so it doesn’t flap in the wind and has 3 pockets in the back so you can still easily access your nutrition

NEW:  Windstopper Vest (Unisex): This is a cool weather piece for running or riding, its light but windproof so cuts the wind to your chest and keeps you warm. It is light and easy to take with you and has 3 pockets in the back

NEW: All out Speed Suit (Men’s): This is a new race suit this year focused on going fast! It is a one piece suit with a full zip so that its easy to get the top on and off. It has a tri chamois (smaller so you can swim/bike/run with it) and longer arms for both aerodynamics and sun protection and has 2 good size pockets in the back. This is the fastest race suit and incredibly comfortable as well

Free Tri Short (W): tri shorts are for race day, they have a smaller chamois that you can swim/bike/run in and are a shorter cut on the leg than a bib short and dry quickly after the swim

Free Tri Top (W): a tri tank top for race day, light and tight fitting with 2 pockets in the back for food. Will dry quickly after the swim

NEW: NRG Toque (Unisex 1 size):  A cool weather thermal toque for riding or running

NEW: NRG Neck Tube (Unisex 1 size): A thermal buff that you put over your head and around your neck, great for keeping you warm on cooler days either bike or run

 NEW: NRG Full Finger Gloves:  These are cool weather gloves not winter gloves, good for spring/fall and a cool summer morning ($35)